As it stands today, Hispanic leaders are disproportionately under-represented as elected officeholders, especially as Republicans.

To close this gap, the Hispanic Republicans of Texas was established in 2009 to build leadership within the Hispanic community and support those who are ready to serve as elected leaders of this state. H.R.T. supports candidates running for all levels of public office from Statewide offices and the Texas Legislature down to local races including County Commissioner, Justice of the Peace and School Board.

  • Vision

    Hispanics are the fastest growing demographic in Texas and current voting patterns among Hispanics favor Democrats. If this trend continues, within a few years Texas will become a Democrat leaning state. Without Texas as the Republican anchor in the Electoral College, Republicans will never win the White House again.

  • Mission

    The Hispanic Republicans of Texas was founded in 2009 to recruit and support Hispanic Republicans running for Federal, State and local offices. H.R.T.'s Leadership believes elected officials, working within their communities as Republicans, is the most powerful political force in getting Hispanics to vote Republican.

  • Action

    When H.R.T. was founded there were ZERO Hispanic Republicans in the Texas House of Representatives. During our first election cycle, H.R.T. helped elect FIVE Hispanic Republicans to the Texas House. H.R.T.'s efforts go beyond recruitment.


The Hispanic Republicans of Texas will recruit, elect, support and defend Hispanic Republican officeholders and candidates for state and local elected offices who share our common values of faith, family, lower taxes, less regulations and less government spending to promote individual prosperity and economic growth in Texas.



Snail Mail: P.O. Box 28881, Austin, Texas 78755

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Candidates Endorsed

  • Jason Villalba
  • Larry Gonzales
  • J.M. Lozano
  • Rick Gallindo
  • Chris Carmona
  • Gilbert Peña
  • Carlos Cascos
  • Mary Louise Garcia
  • George P Bush
  • Jaime Tijerina
  • Elijah Casas
  • Morad Fiki
  • Patricia Grady
  • Alfred Isassi
  • Belinda Garza
  • Anna Ramirez Perez
  • Judge Jesse Nevarez
  • Judge David Garcia
  • Judge Robert Ramirez
  • Judge Vanessa Velasquez
  • Judge Oscar Garcia
  • Chris Morales
  • Judge Robert Cadena
  • Judge Debra Ibarra Mayfield
  • Judge Lori Valenzuela
  • Abel Reyna
  • Tony Abad
  • Orlando Sanchez
  • Liz Gonzalez
  • Naomi Narvaiz
  • Matt Lamon

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